meet the pop voices team


Donna Sayer


Donna joined Pop Voices in October 2014 and has said on many occasions that it was one of the best things she has ever done! Donna always loved to sing but only when she was by herself in the car or in the shower!

When a friend said she had joined a singing group it gave Donna the perfect opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and give it a go. Donna’s two children are also members of Pop Voices, they both joined when they were 6 years old and now they are 16 & 12 and still love it.

As Pop Voices grew with more and more people joining, Donna was asked by Anya if she would assist with some of the background administration work which she was very pleased to do and has been Admin Support now for just over 2 years.

Donna is really proud to be a member of the Pop Voices Team and we are very lucky indeed to have her on board. With her super organisation and eye for detail, she keeps the team in check but particularly supports Anya’s busy choir schedule.