meet the pop voices team

Helen Payak

Youth Choir Chaperone

Helen is one of our wonderful Youth Choir Chaperones. She has been heavily involved in Pop Voices since the early days and has taken part in performances and events.  Both Helen’s daughters are also active members of the choirs one of whom has progressed through from the children’s classes into the adult one.

Despite enjoying singing herself, Helen’s heart lies in supporting Anya in caring for our Youth choir singers and she gets so much pleasure in seeing how our young stars grow in confidence and singing ability, particularly at performances.

Helen is a registered chaperone with Solihull Council and receives regular safeguarding and chaperone training. She has years of experience supporting both classes and large-scale performances and has chaperoned Youth Choir members at The Birmingham Town Hall, and Birmingham Symphony Hall whilst supporting BGT’s Collabro, Abbey Road Studios and other Pop Voices events and workshops in and around the Midlands.