meet the pop voices team

Sophia Gough

Choir Leader

Sophia’s family are not very musical, well that’s not technically true, they love to sing but there is not a musician amongst them. Her mum’s side of the family is Irish and her Dad’s is Welsh so at every family party, you would have to sing a song whether you liked it or not!

Sophia’s poor husband, when they were first together, found this out the hard way. Sophia’s Nan would tell her stories of how she used to “sing for the valleys” in competitions in Wales. Unfortunately, she never got to hear Sophia sing in a performance but there is no doubt she would be very proud of her granddaughter’s musical achievements to date. Sophia has been singing since she could talk and enhanced her technical skills and knowledge over the past 15 years, gaining Grade 5 in a classical singing diploma with Trinity College and ongoing coaching with an Estil vocal trainer since 2019 to keep her skills updated and current.

Sophia has enjoyed taking on many lead roles in amateur theatre including Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd, Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, and Elle Woods in Legally Blonde to name a few. Sophia says that by far the most significant catalyst in her musical journey was meeting Anya Small.  This meeting has led to Sophia and Anya becoming firm friends and sharing some amazing musical experiences.  They both appeared together on the BBC 1 prime-time TV music show ‘Pitch Battle’ with the Crescendo Musical Theatre group and regularly do professional gigs as part of the Vintage Vocal Harmony group Boogaloo Babes. Anya has been a part of almost every major vocal challenge Sophia has undertaken so when asked if she would become a Choir Leader for Pop Voices in 2020, she was thrilled to take this step. Sophia has been enjoying teaching the Wootton Wawen group and more recently leads the Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer Choir supported by the Pop Voices team. She is a ball of energy and fun, keeping our members uplifted and she clearly loves her Choir Leading role.