Want to know what voice part to sing?

Hi Poppers!
Have you ever wondered what voice part you should sing? If you are having fun, happy and generally don’t feel uncomfortable with the notes you are singing then you can stay where you are but if you would like some guidance I am here to help. Please just ask me and we can do some very quick and easy singing exercises or a blast through ‘Happy Birthday’ to help you decide where you would like to sit!

keep-calm-and-find-your-voiceIt really isn’t a major issue in Pop Chorus and sometimes you just want to sit with your mates! In my first choir I sat in the 2nd Altos because that’s where my friends were. I am really a mezzo which is somewhere between a high 1st Alto and 2nd soprano but it really stretched my vocal range singing lower in the choir. The choice is yours but happy to help anytime. Anya¬†

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